2012 Media Hall of Fail

The media, so fluid and accessible to the masses – a medium that connects and provides a platform for expression while being very sensitive to the content that is created, uploaded and shared can sometimes turn on us. A simple typo, slip of the tongue, controversial video or dubious act will land any public figure or organisation in the hands of an intimidating and virtual pitch fork, axe and torch wielding society.

With this in mind, the time has come for us to recount some of media’s biggest fails of 2012. From nonsensical advertisements, cover-ups and censorship to racial slurs and plain stupidity, all of these organisations and individuals have duly earned their fail stamps of approval.

BBC: What Cover Up?

2012 Media Hall of Fail - BBC Fail

So employees, including top bosses, at the BBC – knower and exposer of all things newsworthy – heard numerous rumours regarding Sir Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse allegations, but say there was nothing substantial enough to carry out a formal inquiry.


Nothing substantial, you say? The word numerous – denoting a substantial number – should be substantial enough, “innit”? The BBC has earned its rightful place in our Hall of Fail for their incompetence in investigating activities that have left numerous young women traumatised.

Tweedledum and Tweet-oh-Lee

Jessica Leandra dos Santos and Tshidi Tshamana

Hell hath no fury like a model’s scorn. Yes, Jessica Leandra dos Santos and Tshidi Tshamana have shown the nation how senseless and ugly beautiful can really be. After both models tweeted spiteful and blatantly racist comments for millions of people from different ethnic groups to see a couple of months ago, they actually had the audacity to reason that anger, as a result of one individual’s ignorance, was enough to insult an entire racial group.

Full Coverage: http://www.channel24.co.za/News/Local/We-are-not-racist-say-models-20120510

Tshidi and Jessica, I am proud to award you with this fail stamp of approval, placing you in our Hall of Fail for your untactful use of a social network and subsequent dismantling of blooming careers.

Keeping up with the Celebs

2012 Media Hall of Fail- Channel 7 News

This fail stamp of approval is dedicated to two news presenters from an American news broadcaster called Channel 7 News. First, the news anchor introduces Blake Burman – a field reporter covering the 2012 presidential election at Camp Obama – as Mike Blake. Not to be outshone, Blake Burman introduces popular pop star, Will.i.am as RnB singer, Wyclef Jean and then, for that extra fail badge, as hip-hop rapper, Wale.

Yes, Mike Blake… I mean, Blake Burman, you have shown us that as a news reporter it clearly isn’t your responsibility to keep up with popular culture or recognise influential musicians, it really isn’t – I mean, they all look the same don’t they?


Out with the Adverts

2012 Media Hall of Fail - Outsurance

OUTsurance wins the last fail stamp of approval for its coma-inducing adverts that have plagued television sets around the nation for some time. These abominable and sometimes nonsensical ads have taken away minutes of people’s lives, which will never be given back! OUTsurance, for this reason, you receive two fail stamps of approval – one is for you and the other is for the media agency that concocted those adverts.


Because the Hall of Fail never existed last year, here is a video of a probable candidate for a mega fail stamp of approval from 2011.


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