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Nowadays, optimising webpages and sites is not so much about chasing rankings. The search engines are smarter than ever, and the leading industry experts know that there are no more shortcuts to getting the traffic you want. Time and again, we’ve seen that being number one in the Google search result pages (SERPs) isn’t an adequate way to ensure that the right people are seeing your site.

In order to craft a digital presence that gives you the bankable results you want to see, it’s important to align your keywords with the appropriate products and services. When these factors work together, you’ll find that the visitors who come to your site are more likely to behave the way you want them to.

Results Driven SEO

As a fully integrated digital agency, we understand the value of collaboration between different departments. It’s useless to consider search optimisation from a single perspective, and the best successes come when we team up. That’s because the major internet role players take various factors into account when ranking a site, such as Social Media, Content and Paid Advertising.

By aligning our SEO strategies with your content marketing objectives, and leveraging off the other elements of your digital presence, we’re able to bring you targeted, effective solutions. You’ll see the difference in the quality of traffic to your site, and the way it impacts your bottom line. In addition to measurable results, our transparent approach to reporting lets you to see, with pinpoint accuracy, how our strategies are impacting your brand.


How do Search Engines Actually work?

Most search engines make use of ‘crawlers’. These are essentially automated software agents that assess websites and read the metadata, as well as the actual page content on the site. This means that when you search for something in Google, the results you see are pulled from pages that the crawlers have indexed. Always remember that pages rank, not websites.

My site was delisted/banned by Google, can R.O.I help?

Absolutely, we know what’s needed to get you back on track. It’s important to remember that this won’t happen overnight, but by using Google best practices we can ensure that your brand is no longer penalised. What’s more, our services pave the way for your sustainable success on the search engines.

Why are SERP rankings are no longer important?

This is a tough one to explain, because it seems counterintuitive. The truth is, while it’s nice to have the top spots, SERP rankings are no clear indicator of your digital success. Having the #1 spot simply means people can find you, it doesn’t mean they’re converting and making a difference to your bottom line. Rather focus on driving relevant traffic to your website, over chasing rankings on the SERPs.

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