In marketing, it’s important to set out individual objectives, per campaign for your online offerings. These could be anything from building an email list, getting people to sign up for a newsletter, growing your social community, or pushing a product to be sold. And, in the digital marketing world, we refer to people that show interest in your offerings as leads.

However, not all leads evolve into sales, only good-quality ones. But how do you separate potential customers from those who are just ‘browsing’? Well, the trick is to start at the source of their interest and build from there.


Through target marketing, we can help you attract more good-quality leads right from the get go. With our insight into the digital marketing sphere, we can improve your online presence which ultimately leads to boosting your profits.

Our in-house professionals work closely with you and your brand from the beginning in order to implement carefully crafted and researched strategies. Once we have conducted our own research into your industry, business, and competitors, there are several methods we use to increase your leads, namely:

  • Creating optimised landing pages, so that users who are searching for your products can find them easily.
  • Segmented PPC adverts which are targeted at your specific demographic, age group, or interests.
  • Customised social media content, crafted to be relevant to your industry, message, and brand.
  • Testing campaigns, headlines, pages, and other content and using the results to make optimal decisions going forward.


Attainable goals deserve measurable results. And, at R.O.I Digital, there’s nothing we love more than meeting and surpassing expectations. Therefore, if you’re looking to boost your online presence and generate not just leads, but the right, high-quality leads, we have several services on offer:

  • PPC – Make sure your business is at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by having our campaign managers’ set-up, manage and execute your paid ads.
  • Landing pages – Incorporating your target keywords, we optimise your landing pages with riveting SEO copy, ensuring your customers can find your offerings.
  • Social media – Communities on social platforms are already interested in your product and we encourage them further through engagement, management, and targeted advertising.
  • CRO – We conduct a series of tests on your website, past campaigns, and other content to determine where consumers have left the buying process and how we can improve it.


Let R.O.I Digital lead the way towards meeting your objectives.

Contact us today for a quote on one of our lead generating services.