• When we joined R.O.I in December 2012, we had no idea of the impact their services would have on our small “underdog” insurance company. We wanted to drive organic traffic to our mobile and desktop sites by means of effective SEO integration. R.O.I worked closely with our developers and maintained regular and thorough communications. This meant that they were quick to adopt our unique marketing approach and tone, in addition to delivering the organic results we wanted.

    They helped us achieve our objectives without compromising on our brand personality. R.O.I Digital has done a great job in making sure that our website has managed to stay competitive as the insurance industry is highly competitive. R.O.I Digital has also carried out various tasks to reduce the effects on negative SEO through websites either scraping information or adopting bad linking tactics to reduce the quality score of the website. R.O.I Digital also stayed on top of any Google Panda/Penguin updates and made sure we always used best practice in our SEO Campaigns. As our traffic grows, so does our company – it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning of our journey!

    King Price
  • In 2013, we approached R.O.I Digital with a challenge. We needed to ‘reskin’ our website as painlessly as possible. All audits indicated it would take 6 or 8 months of lost traffic and revenue. We wanted a passionate, results-driven team to stop that from happening. Thanks to R.O.I’s phenomenal work in optimising, detoxing and updating our website, we our site traffic started growing again in just 3 months. In fact, they managed to exceed our expectations,  increasing our organic traffic, number of new viewers and conversion rate.

    R.O.I Digital was also tasked with managing the Adwords account. This included researching, building, and managing all Paid Media campaigns. In addition to this, optimize the existing remarketing and display campaigns to ensure that RE/MAX of Southern Africa remains top of mind when it comes to real estate. R.O.I Digital showed that they are experts in Paid media as well as achieving positive results in short periods of time

    We couldn’t be happier with the results, advice and attentive care we always receive from them. They are available to answer any queries we have and we look forward to more successes with them.

  • I have worked with R.O.I Digital on my Google Adwords Account for many years with a clear objective to achieve a set CPA for leads generated for my business. Using Facebook Advertising was a new channel which we were recommended to explore and the results have been fantastic.

    Through on-going and continous optimisation on the account we saw the CPA drop below that of our Google Adwords making Facebook Advertising an incredibly effective channel for us.

    Home Guru
  • The importance of digital search marketing is greatly appreciated by Spur Steak Ranches. The R.O.I team delivered incredible results in a very short time period, meeting and exceeding our ranking campaign objectives for brand and product keywords. They have great experience and knowledge of the industry. This resulted in saving Spur monthly Adwords costs as well as driving additional feet and revenue in-store.

    Rather than just focussing on rankings, the R.O.I team considered how the SEO strategy would best add value to the user experience of the Spur website, which is important to our brand. R.O.I Digital have performed excellently on all fronts delivering a massive return on investment.

    Spur Steak Ranches
  • R.O.I. Digital worked with Woodford group to amplify and manage our Win a Car for Keeps campaign. The campaign was hugely successful exceeding expectations by building our brand on social media and creating a database via the competition. R.O.I Digital really took an integrated social approach to the campaign and brought an extra dimension to the concept.

    The feedback from consumers was amazing surrounding the Woodford brand with positive sentiment!

    Woodford Group
  • We approached R.O.I Digital to increase the traffic to our website, revenue in our books and investment return on Google AdWords. Our biggest hurdle was that this also required a massive site migration and re-launch. Fortunately, with this profession and result-drive team, our hurdle merely became a stepping stone to greater things. We were blown away a 3000% return on our AdWords investment, had a smooth site migration and launched with an unbelievably minor loss in traffic. They also improved our search rankings and increased our traffic, giving us exponential weekly revenue growth.

    With R.O.I Digital, we got a company unafraid to go the extra mile, and always available to advise us, implement our requests and provide project process reports. It was a pleasure conducting business them.

    Smyths Toys
  • With the help of the R.O.I team, Tiger Wheel & Tyre have seen both the quality and quantity of our organic website traffic go from strength to strength. One of our main objectives was to increase the number of organic visits to our main landing pages – which over the last year has definitely been achieved.

    While working closely with and reassessing our progress and objectives, the R.O.I team were able to deliver written content for the website which not only improved our main keyword rankings in Google, but was also informative to our consumers.

    Tiger Wheel & Tyre